Who Buys Ammunition in Portland

Do You Want to Sell Ammunition?

I Want to Buy Your Ammo!

Call me at 971-222-0297 if you have ammunition that you don’t need, and you want to sell it to a responsible individual. I will pay you cash for the ammo. The ammo is for my personal use for the most part. Not for business.

This is How to Sell Your Ammo:
    1. Get a count of what you have
    2. Call me at 971-222-0297 or email me at [email protected] and provide me the list
    3. With that information I will make you an offer subject to confirming things at my office
    4. If that works for you, we make an appointment for you bringing everything to my private office. I am located in nice building Downtown Portland. There is plenty of parking
    5. I can buy just about any amount you have. It is up to you how much you want to sell
    6. The ammunition sale transaction will be in accordance to Oregon Law
    7. At my office I will inspect the ammunition and count it
    8. If we both agree on the price and quality of the ammo, I will pay you cash
What Ammunition I Buy :

I am always buying most types of ammo, such as 9mm, 223, 22lr, 308, 12 gauge, etc. How much I pay for the ammunition depends on what it is, if I can use it, etc.

Who is the Ammo Buyer :

I am private individual very active with firearms. As per the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms), I am classified as “Hobbiest”. A hobbiest is an individual that is active with firearms for the purpose of for the most part using them for entertainment.